Coffee Madness in the Middle of Nowhere

Another inconspicous resto discovered! Right in the middle of provincial nowhere lies Coffee Madness. A quaint cafe and pasta pizzeria in Liloan. (PeskyPanda says, thank you Google, gave pretty good directions!)

Nice ambiance with a garden feel amidst mango trees and house music. Reminds me of a certain French Cafe in Metro Cebu. (more…)


Pasta is php 160, good portion. The Frap cost php 100 each

The carbonara sauce was very good and seasoned well, the pasta was al dente. Only drawback is the pork. It has this certain “fishy” taste. It was obviously not fresh or not cooked enough. (more…)


The pizza was decent but I have a feeling that cheap ham got mixed in. It totally wasted a potentially good pizza.

What about the coffee? I ordered the Maddy Toffee Coffee Frappucino. Hmmm… Probably a 2.5 out of 5 for me. I can’t taste the coffee but I can taste the artificial flavor of toffee liquor. (more…)

14 inch pozza, served half and half, php 410

This place is a must go to if you want to chillax and be a hippie. If you want good food, you’re probably better off at Mc Donalds. (PeskyPanda says at least they have wifi ha ha ha)


Italian supreme and all meat, half and half pizza
Al fresco dining, under the trees.

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