Meet Ares!

So Ares wanted his picture posted as well, just because Sabsab (as we fondly call Sabrina) had her picture featured a while back. Ares just turned one, actually, we really don’t know as we just rescued him as a small kitty, hiding under a car, all dirty and meowling like crazy.

After twelve monts of love, care, vitamins, catfood (imported! Not leftovers mind you), Ares has developed very soft and thick fur! He is so fluffy the pandas sometime use him as a mop. Okay, obviously we don’t do that, but he loves to snuggle and i have used him as a pillow more than one time. He’s a bit crazy and possessive specially when he feels i spend more time with Sabrina. He shows his displeasure by pissing on your leg just so he can “mark” you.

Ah, what looney cats.

And true to his namesake, he chases Sabsab around and gets into trouble by picking a fight with Sabrina. Luckily, Ares has a very sweet disposition and does not bite or scratch too much, unless he gets tired of me rubbing his belly. Ha ha ha. He hates that.



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