Pinoy Favorites! Sugba Tinola Kinilaw!

Filipino cuisine can be very basic, subtle, or it can be over the top, complex. Sweet, salty, sour, spicy, creamy, dry, the selection is as vast as the number of islands (7,101) and the regional cuisine that boasts of an array of tastes.

Tuna and scallops, grilling over an open flame and hot coals!

The most basic of the cooking method is subga (grilled), often using salt, pepper, soy sauce, tuba (palm vinegar) as the most basic marinade and in some cases, just salt and pepper.

Shredded crab meat with vegetables, mixed with egg, stuffed in the crab shell and fried to a crisp

Kinilaw is another method, more often known as ceviche in other cuisine which involves the curing of raw or partially cooked meats with vinegar and mixed with onions, tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper. Regional variants include the use of ginger, fish sauce and coconut milk. Regardless of the  method, what is critical is the use of fresh ingredients and meats (aka frozen fish is a no no)

Boiled slivers of pork then fried to a crisp, perfect as an appetizer!

The last of the trio is a basic clear soup or tinola, usually mixed with malunggay or moringa leaves, chili, young papaya and native chicken or just tons and tons of onions, tomatoes and balimbing as a souring agent for the basic fish tinola and seasoned with salt, pepper, fish sauce. For an added zing, some use green chili called espada to give it a flavor kick.

So there, sugba, tinola and kinilaw. And in cebu, a famous joint for this fare is STK ta Bai located in a hidden street somewhere midtown of cebu city. Google it if you are so inclined 🙂

Pinakbet, fresh vegetables stewed in shrimp paste sauce
ceviche of grilled pork and fresh tuna cubes in vinegar and coconut milk



Tuna jaw, or panga is a choice section due to the soft and luscious texture of the meat

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