Matias Barbeque

They don’t have any menu because the people that goes there know exactly what they serve as a specialty, barbeques and grilled meats. Pork, chicken, seasonal fish, balbacua, pochero. These make up the most basic choices and that is what people go back to again and again.

Chicken bbq overload

You can dine al fresco under the shade of the trees or the covered area, the only thing you need is to close your eyes and imagine the sound of the sea and you’re in a sweet place.

Balance all the salt and meats with the famous cebuano mangoes! Puso or heart shaped wrapped rice pockets

Located along AS Fortuna, Matias is technically already part of Mandaue so you can literally claim you crossed to  other town just to get your lunch, and believe me, it is worth it.


This is the closest i can find the bacolod version of the chicken bbq in Cebu with plump meaty chicken compared to the bisaya variety favored by some. Never mind that these chicken are probably steroid injected and fed with quick grow feeds ha ha ha.

Grilled chicken skin, cholesterol overload ha ha ha

Live and love life!


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