When You Don’t Know What You’re Looking For

There are days that you just don’t know exactly what your belly worms are craving for. Days like this you don’t know if you want pinoy, spanish, chinese, japanese, italian and the list can go as long as the membership of the united nations.

Korean Bibimbap

In this case, be ready with an option that serves a smorgasboard of food choices. Not just any option, they must be tasty ad well! Ila Puti fits the bill with a menu that jumps between continents and countries in the dishes they serve.

Chinese Mandarin and Almond Salad

For this visit, we had the korean bibimbap and the chinese inspired mandarin and almond salad with grilled chicken. If that doesn’t confuse you, well, these dishes are very tasty aside from being visually pleasing.

The interesting interiors of Ila Puti!


Go ahead, sometimes you just want everything 🙂


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