Food for the Seoul

Seoul has so much to offer for gastronomic finds, as literally you can find cornershop houses serving exquisite barbecues then move on to street side stalls offering a wide array of food that slightly reminds us of street food in the Philippines.

Looks like isaw but is actually tofu skin

The trick is to order small portions and try to walk off as much as you can before hitting another food stop. In between palace tours, you can squeeze yourself in shops that looks like they serve peasants but serve food fit for kings (portion wise that is).

Ordered this ox tail soup that surprisingly tasted really bland
Pork, onions, chives and gigantic dumplings
Street food options

What is true is that Seoul can nourish both the spirit and tummy wihout having to break the bank.

As a bonus, we are adding a picture of the travelling+food tripping pandas in this post 🙂




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