Hala Paella

It is a novel idea, prepare your paella in big batches then sell it as portions and you get “hala paella”. For a while cebu had its newest fad but sadly, the quality is not exactly enough to sustain its novelty.

Seafood Valenciana

We ordered the seafood valenciana, a side of lengua, the pork rib and churros to cap off the meal. The valenciana was so-so and was on the dry side, the flavors not exactly seeping through the rice as expected.

Picture perfect, but you can't really taste pictures ha ha ha

The lengua served was spoiled, one bite and i had to call the manager to complain about the “sour” lengua in mushroom sauce and they just replaced it, not even the courtesy of apologizing.

And the rib? Well, they did call it pork rib to be fair, it was just one rib. Too sweet for the pandas, just like most ribs served in most restos in the city whose idea is to turn a rib rack into candied meat.

The only saving grace was the churros, soft, super crispy on the outside, light but still buttery.

This saved the meal, churros!

The place bragged that the paellas are supposed to be family heirloom recipes. But what probably tasted good at home didn’t translate well into a commercialized version.


Pandas Love Notes from You!

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