STK ta Bai!

The classic cebuano trio, sinugba, tola, kinilaw otherwise known as STK. If you find the rows of stk stalls in mactan island too expensive because of the tourists, the best and better option is to visit STK in the city.

They also serve exotic dishes like sinigang na turtle. Haven’t tried the actual turtle meat, but was served the soup at one point. I can’t say i want to go beyond that. If you are there, order their classic and popular sinugba or grilled tuna panga (jaw) filled with soft and luscious meat morsels and pair it with the sinugba na scallops with cheese and garlic. Of late, the scallops have become smaller, a sign of too much demand for the dish. Other popular dishes are sinuglaw, pakbet, binagoongan na kanin, spicy calamares. An odd favorite though is the pork chips, as the name suggests, thin slices of pork with fat and meat fried to a crisp. Indulge once in a while 🙂

Grilled scallops with cheese and butter, the scsllops were a bit anemic. Too small.
Sinuglaw, sinugba nga baboy, tuna nga kinilaw sa gata
Tuna Panga, juicy meaty portion
Pork Chips, crispy fried bits of pork
And to pretend we had a healthy meal, a side of pak na pak pakbet

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