Of Eating Poop and Honey Floss

Have you ever eaten poop? Or something that looks like one that is.

You can find unique and interesting food items sold in the streets of Seoul, with small specialty shops serving anything like poop pancakes stuffed with sweetened mung bean paste (yes, imagine it oozing out when you take a bite of the poop shaped pancake ha ha ha) and honey bars coated with flour , twisted and pulled into a roll of 1,024 strands that is then stuffed with sweetened toasted sesame and rolled into small clouds of heaven.

As to how they make the 1,024 strand honey candy? You just have to see it to believe it.

A cube of honey, coated with flour is made into a ring, pulled, twisted, folded into itself then the process repeats itself.
I wonder why they make that V sign all the time. The honey strand candy is pictured behind them


Some poopsies are burnt lol.



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