Señor Kimchi

I have to admit the catch phrase LA Streetfood caught my attention. Since i was looking for dinner options i decided to check out the place. They were on their soft opening but surprisingly, food came really fast!

The service was prompt but was wondering why they kept asking if i was from the media. Hmmmm, maka afford sad tawn ko bayad lol.

But on to the food.

The cajun jalapeno wings was crispy, but could have been served better with a sauce. It could have been better with a bit more seasoning perhaps. Still a good side for the beef bulgogi bibimbap. Now that one was a huge bowl and had the right mix of greens, rice and more importantly, a good serving of soft beef. Yum yum yum. Again, the korean chili sauce was a bit small for the portion and had to ask for seconds lol. Still, good value for money!

Have to come back and try the “mexican” inspired korean fusion dishes though.

Good job!

Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap
Cajun Jalapeno Wings



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