Battle for the Best Pinoy Barbeque

Cebu is known for Larsian, a tourist destination of sorts that serves the classic pinoy streetfood bbq version of chicken, pork etc usually slathered with the ubiquitous ultra red banana ketchup as a marinade. The only challenge is the sanitation issue as a number of people have suffered food poisoning.

If you are still looking for bbq options, one of the places you might want to check out is Matias along AS Fortuna that serves an assortment of bbq with more sanitary operations. The classic chicken breast, thigh, pork belly are the best sellers but there are more options available!

More bbq reviews coming up!


Chicken Thigh, cebuano chorizo


Pork belly, salt and pepper is all you need!


Option to eat al fresco under the tree or in a covered area!



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