10 D.C.

It’s been more than a month since I came back from the U.S. and 2 months since my last post. Not that there’s nothing good to eat in Cebu. On the contrary, I’ve been eating since I got here. I was just being lazy that’s all.

Speaking of lazy, I am writing this post while taking it easy in a quaint cafe in A.S. Fortuna. Fairly new but very familiar. 10 D.C. is a cute cafe from the same company behind 10th Dove St.

They have the same cakes they sell in 10th Dove. Well, basically the shop is 10th Dove St. sans the meals, salads and sandwiches. They just sell cakes and pastries (of course, drinks).

Tried their hot choco and banofee pie. The former is okay. The pie reminds me of a certain baby cereal which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Would I recommend the place? Yes! Knowing 10th Dove St., I’m sure the cakes are divine (avocado cake, please).

And the ambiance, very country girl chic.



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